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Our farming journey at Tynefield officially began on a sunny April 29th, 2023. This marked the beginning of an exciting chapter on the Hampshire County Council farm, where we hold a 7-year tenancy. The Tynefield team comprises of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Flavian brings an impressive 13 years of farming expertise to the table, while Nikki, who is a travel agent by profession, is embarking on her own farming adventure. Moreover, we recently welcomed a new member to our team, Baby Noah, who will soon be introduced to the wonders of farm life. Not to forget our loyal farm dog, border collie Rex, who brings his varied experience in herding goats, pigs, and sheep.

At the heart of our farming operation lies a commitment to delivering high-quality food to our community while actively contributing to the betterment of our land and the environment that surrounds it. We prioritize sustainable farming practices and animal welfare, ensuring that our animals enjoy outdoor living conditions throughout the year, except during extreme weather events. We take pride in our approach to raising animals, nurturing them at a deliberate, unhurried pace, and providing them with soy-free diets. Beyond our farming practices, we are passionate about connecting with consumers on this journey. We believe that informed consumers make better choices about the food they eat, and we aim to foster this understanding by engaging with our community, sharing our experiences, and promoting a deeper connection between people and the source of their sustenance; food. Tynefield Farm is more than just a place; it's a commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency in farming for the benefit of all.

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