June Newsletter

Tamworth pig on hog roastA Tamworth pork roll with crackling

It’s been a busy month at Tynefield Farm, with hog roast season plodding along nicely. Flavian had the pleasure of catering for our first wedding in Sussex as well as a local birthday party amongst other events. We also returned to our friend’s PYO farm in Oxford for the first time this year to do a hog roast – we’ll be back there in July.

Summer seems to have finally arrived. The cows tend to seek shade by under the overhanging branches of the woodland trees, a mixture of hazel and oak. The goats have got their routine down to a tee…head out at dawn and get a bit to eat, head back in around midday for a siesta and cud chewing then back out in late afternoon to evening for a pre-bedtime snack. The pigs seem to have gone back to their adventurous ways and escaped a few times – luckily only to other areas of the farm where they shouldn’t be! There’s a stumpy Saddleback x Tamworth gilt who is NOTORIUS for escaping. I’ve watched her more than once expertly go between the two strands of electric in between paddocks. I hope she gets over this adrenaline rush soon. We also have a rogue sheep that (literally) escaped being sheared and has since been roaming around with the goats and leading them astray. The sheep has also turned up in our neighbours’ garden. It’s almost as if they do it on purpose when they know we have lots of other things going on! Said sheep won’t be doing these antics for much longer…

Ginger ninjas mud bathingStumpy

Life away from work has also been busy, as we attended three weddings! We have also been working on some of the preparations for our own wedding which is in a couple of months’ time. Another highlight this month has been going to Groundswell Regenerative Agriculture Festival for the first time as a family. Unlike many agricultural events, Groundswell is hands down the most inclusive and relaxed event out there, with plenty of opportunity to meet new people and share knowledge.

In July our catering will be ramping up with two to three events every week, some highlights being the Trenchmore market in Sussex (20th July) as always, and a weekend long festival in London at the end of the month.

Other highlights include:

  • We now have pigloos aka aadvarks from Contented Products (the ones featured on Clarksons Farm)
  • Our butchery fridge is now up and running with a few joints of pork ageing in it
  • Half the butchery is finished thanks to Nikki’s dad, a few more hours of touch ups and we’ll up and running
  • We made haylage for first time at Tynefield – this will be used to feed the goats & sheep in the winter

Aadvark huts aka pigloosHaylage

And last but by no means least, we are very pleased to announce that our online shop is now live! We can deliver anywhere nationally for anyone who wants to try our delicious ginger ninja pork, or we will deliver locally within 5 miles of the farm, free of charge. Happy shopping!


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